Aluminum conductor cable rupture due to friction of kite line with cerol


Among the problems faced by the electric power distribution companies in urban areas served by aerial lines is the rupture of the cables caused by car accidents or by the impact of tree branches due to wind during storms. Lately an additional problem has risen in urban areas due to a traditional kids playing. The use of manja or cerol (abrasive applied to lines to cut down other kites in kite fighting) became a problem not only to motorcycle riders and pedestrians but also to the electric power distribution in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Wires of the high voltage energized cables laid on the top of the posts used in distribution have been cut by abrasive kite lines reducing the resistant section of cable. Multiple consequences can occur due to the weakening or rupture of the cable from power distribution interruption to fatal accidents causing electrical shock in pedestria.

ITO, Hamilton Lelis; BELLOTTI NETO, José; GOMES, Jonas de Carvalho; TUFANIUK, Ricardo. Ruptura de cabo condutor de alumínio devido ao atrito de linha de pipa com cerol. Revista IPT, Tecnologia e Inovação, v.1, n.3, p. 20-30, dez., 2016

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