Aluminum base coatings for steel protection in atmosphere


Atmospheric corrosion tests on aluminum base alloys coatings at twelve sites have been conducted as part of PATINA project – “Anticorrosive Protection of Metals in Atmosphere”. Eleven coutries took part in this work: Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Cuba, Panama, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Mexico and Spain. The tested coatings were: hot dip aluminum, thermally sprayed aluminum, thermally sprayed zinc/15% aluminum alloy, Galvalume® (55% aluminum, 1,6% silicon and zinc balanced) applied by hot immersion. Coated steel sheets (10cm x 15cm) were exposed at different aggressive atmospheres. All coatings were characterized before their exposures. The evaluations were visual and metallographic examination, corrosion product chemical analysis and weight or thickness loss. Three years atmospheric exposure tests were carried out in the following types of atmospheres: Rural atmosphere: Cuernavaca (Mexico), Pardo (Spain) and Cuzco (Peru); Urban atmosphere: São Paulo (Brazil), La Paz (Bolivia)
Sea atmosphere: Bahia Solano (Colombia), Colon (Panama); Coast atmosphere: Cojimar (Cuba) and Limon (Costa Rica); Special atmosphere: La Voz (Venezuela) and Arenal (Costa Rica).

PANOSSIAN, Z. et al. Aluminum base coatings for steel protection in atmosphere. In: INTERNATIONAL CORROSION CONGRESS, 14., 1999, Cape Town. Proceedings… Cape Town-South Africa : ICC International Corrosion Council, 1999 (CD – ROM) (IPT Pub. 2621).

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