Simulation of DARPA suboff model propeller hull interation


The DARPA Suboff research program, started in 1989, carried out several hydrodynamic investigations related to submarine design, being largely used to improve CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulation techniques. The definition of the self-propulsion condition represents a considerable challenge due to the complexity of determining the design parameters related to the interaction between hull and propeller, whose classic study is based on the estimation of the propulsive efficiency, since divergences between the nominal and the effective wake make necessary experimental evaluations throughout the project. In this work, a numerical method based on CFD tools was developed to perform the self-propulsion analysis of a submarine considering the effect of propeller-hull coupling and interference, which can still be adapted to the case of surface vessels. Three different sets of simulations were conducted: traditional method (bare hull and open water propeller intersection), virtual disk model and the complete model, in which hull and propeller were simulated in a single fluid domain. The numerical model was developed considering the radial symmetry of the propeller blades, i.e., extending the periodicity of the propeller to the hull of the submarine, and simulating a quasi-static condition with the RANS model, in order to make feasible a design tool with the reduction of its computational cost. The results were compared to experimental data, available on literature, and presented good correlation. Resources saving occur when the propeller open water model can be replaced for complete simulations.

ESTEVES, Filipe Rocha; GOMES, Gustavo de Goes; KATSUNO, Eduardo Tadashi; DANTAS, João Lucas Dozzi. Simulation of DARPA suboff model propeller hull interation. In: CONGRESSO INTERNATIONAL DE TRANSPORTE AQUAVIÁRIO, CONSTRUÇÃO NAVAL E OFFSHORE, 27., 2018, Rio de Janeiro. Anais… 9 p.

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