Theory and practice of the use of microcomputers in cathodic protection


This paper intends to explain the basic concepts of numerical methods that have been used recently for cathodic protection design: The Finite Differences Method, the Finite Elements Method and the Boundary Elements Method. Besides, the variables to be used for modeling will be discussed. A basic model will be presented and calculated through the Finite Differences and the Finite Elements Methods, in such a way that the user can understand better the use of these methods and the corrosion engineers can develop more specific works, according to their needs.

CHAVES, E. C.; DI GIORGI, F. Teoria e prática da aplicação de computadores para a proteção catódica. In: SEMINÁRIO DE PROTEÇÃO CATÓDICA E CONTROLE DE INTERFERÊNCIA, 4., 1994, São Paulo. Anais… Rio de Janeiro: ABRACO, 1994.

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