Sustentabilidade no setor supermecadistaestudo comparativo de grandes redes no Brasil e no exterior


Supermarket industry is significant in terms of economic, social and environmental impacts, although the introduction of sustainability issues in this sector has been a relatively recent initiative. Thus, we carried out an exploratory research that aims to analyze sustainability in supermarket industry through investigating a sample of supermarket companies both in Brazil and also abroad that present policies and practices oriented to sustainability. We conducted a comparative analysis and the evidences showed that, although there are initiatives in domestic enterprises, particularly in relation to waste management, foreign supermarkets are ahead in terms of sustainability rather than those ones operating in Brazil.

GALLARDO, Amarilis. L. C. F.; WINANDY, A.; SIQUEIRA, J. P. L.; HOURNEAUX JR., F. Sustentabilidade no setor supermercadista: estudo comparativo de grandes redes no Brasil e no Exterior. In: SIMPÓSIO INTERNACIONAL DE INOVAÇÃO E SUSTENTABILIDADE, 1., 2013, São Paulo. Anais…

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