Study of galvanic corrosion of stainless steels and carbon steel rebars used in the same concrete structure


The use of stainless steels in civil engineering is restricted because of their high costs compared to the costs of carbon steel. Stainless steels are indicated for constructions installed under conditions of high aggressiveness, such as marine environment or areas with intense use of de-icing salts, being preferred when the required service life is high (over 100 years) or there are maintenance restrictions such as inaccessibility to the structure, high costs and disturbances to the population. To minimize the cost impact, the use of stainless steel rebars is restricted to the outside layer of the concrete structure which is directly subjected to contamination, whereas, in the inside areas or in areas protected from the direct incidence of aggressive environments, carbon steel bars are used. However, the galvanic corrosion between the outside stainless steel and the inside carbon steel bars is a concern because these different metals are kept in contact in the reinforced concrete. This work aims at studying the behavior of UNS S32304 stainless steel bars in electric contact with bare steel bars. Corrosion tests were conducted with the bars immersed in a simulated pore solution with and without contamination by chloride ions. Tests using UNS S30400 were conducted as a reference. These corrosion tests were established based on ASTM A955:2015 standard.

CARDOSO, Juliana Lopes; ARAÚJO, Adriana de; RIBEIRO, José Luis Serra; PANOSSIAN, Zehbour. Study of galvanic corrosion of stainless and carbon steel rebars used in the same concrete structure. In: CONFERÊNCIA SOBRE TECNOLOGIA DE EQUIPAMENTOS, COTEQ, 2019, Rio de Janeiro. Anais… 7p. 

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