Cold-formed steel prulins with continuity over internal supports


Cold-formed steel purlins are widely used in roofing and walling systems. One can use overlapped or sleeved bolted connections to achieve continuity among adjacent purlins over internal support. The continuity leads to material savings due to the redistribution of bending moments and shear forces. The structural behavior of these connections is highly dependent on their geometric configuration and load level. Based on a series of nine experiments tests, the strength and stiffness of these connections were as investigated. Purlins with overlapped connections are stronger and stiffer than continuous purlins. The same does not hold for purlins with sleeved connections.

FÁVERO NETO, Alomir Helio; MALITE, M.; VIEIRA JR., L.C.M . Terças em perfis de aço formados a frio com continuidade nos apoios. Revista da Estrutura de Aço, v.4, n.2, p.94-113, ago., 2015.

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