Technological prospection of anaerobic biogestion process of municipal solid waste for implementation in small to medium size municipalities


The organic fraction of municipal solid waste (OFMSW) represents approximately 51% of the municipal solid waste (MSW) in Brazil. Inadequate disposal of this fraction causes environmental impacts related to leachate and odors production, greenhouse gas emissions among others. Biological processes involving anaerobic digestion represent an alternative for stabilizing the OFMSW with energy recovery which has been increasing in the world. A technological prospection of the anerobic digestion technologies with energy recovery has been made based on scientific and technical literature, patents, thesis, companies websites, as well as interviews with specialist and providers, besides technical visits and participation in exhibitions, fairs and conferences. Eight technologies for the OFMSW digestion and biogas production for use as automotive fuel, heat or electricity generation have been identified. Among these technologies, those that are based on methanization tunnels scored best according to the methodology used which considered the technological readiness level, complexity level and degree of applicability in the context of the small and medium size Brazilian municipalities. Validation of this model is in course with the implementation of a demonstration methanization tunnel plant in the municipality of Bertioga, SP, as a case study to obtain operation, efficiency, cost and viability parameters.

TEIXEIRA, Claudia Echevenguá; LINHARES, Débora do Carmo; LÉO, Patricia; GOUVEIA, Thomaz; MACEDO, Letícia dos Santos; OLIVEIRA, Bruna Patrícia de; MARTINS, Gilberto. Prospecção tecnológica de processos de biodigestão anaeróbia de resíduos sólidos urbanos para a implantação em municípios de pequeno e médio porte. In: SILVA, Helenton da Silva (Org.). Engenharia ambiental e sanitária: interfaces do conhecimento. São Paulo: Atena, 2019. Cap.18, p.216-227.

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