Screening of lactic acid producing microorganisms with alternative substrates (chapter book)


Owing to the availability and low cost, vegetable biomasses and other resides have been used by biotechnology industries as substrates for achieving higher added value products. This work screened lactic acid producer microorganisms using hydrolyzed sugarcane biomass or crude glycerol, sugar-alcohol, biodiesel industry residues, as substrates for their growing. Lactic acid is raw material to produce biodegradable and biocompatible plastic, a high added value product. There were tested 14 strains of collections in 48 h culture performed at 30 ºC and 37 ºC, from starting solutions of 20 g.L-¹ of sugar or 10 g.L-¹ of glycerol. Of the assays that used hydrolysate, four lineages produced amounts of lactic acid between 2.0 g.l-¹ e 4.5 g.L-¹. Whilst with glycerol, one strain showed production of 3.5 g.L-¹of lactic acid, white the remaining produced concentrations below 1.0 g.L-¹. This initial study identified, among the strains evaluated, some lineage that presented potential for the development of a scalable biotechnological process for lactic acid production that uses low cost substrates, as hydrolyzed sugarcane biomass or crude glycerol.

SILVA, Elda Sabino da; MAGOSSI, Luiz Roberto; WADA, Maria Alice Alves; FERNANDES, Sérgio. Seleção de microrganismos produtores de ácido láctico com substratos alternativos. In: PINHEIRO, Eduardo Mendonça; COELHO, Glauber Tulio Fonseca; ARAÚJO FILHO, Patrício Moreira de. (Org.) Engenharia 4.0: a era da produção inteligente. São Luís: Editora Pascal, 2020. v.4, Capítulo 13, p.158-170.

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