Processos erosivos hídricos lineares dos tipos ravina e boçoroca (book chapter)


The understanding of the behavior of linear erosion allows highlight two more important types: ravines and gullies. A ravine would be the result of runoff while gully would be the channel carved by outcropping of groundwater in the bottom of the incision. Thus, differentiation between the ravine and gully is of considerable importance, since gullies requires more extensive measures for its control, often involving engineering works, especially when affect cities and roads.

ALMEIDA FILHO, Gerson Salviano de; GAMA JÚNIOR, Geraldo Figueiredo de. Processos erosivos hídricos lineares dos tipos ravina e boçoroca. In: MACHADO, Felipe Santana; MOURA, Aloysio Souza de. Educação, meio ambiente e território 3. Ponta Grossa: Atena, 2019. Cap.9, p. 91-99.

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