Technical feasibility assessment of the reuse of granulated sugar molasses by cooling crystallization


Brazil is one of the largest sugar producers in the world, and the sugars directed to domestic market are more profitable, despite the limits in industrial reuse due to the high quality standards. The granulated sugar is usually produced by vacuum evaporation crystallization, and residual molasses is reused in up to six processes. At the end of the sixth processing, despite its high quality, the residual molassesobtained after sugar centrifugation, is used in the production of other sugars because its reuse generates a product out of specification of sugar for the pharmaceutical industry. The present paper analyzes the technical feasibility of an additional reuse cycle of granulated sugar molasses by using cooling crystallization based on bench scale tests for granulated sugar production within the same specification as above, in four cooling speeds, thus seeking an increase in yield of the process. The sugar obtained in the tests met in most cases the specifications of granulated sugar. Only the particle size and, in some cases, the ICUMSA color appearance, did not meet the specifications. These facts can be attributed to the operational difficulties found in the bench scale study. Grain size and color are industrially controllable parameters and can be corrected by the application of an efficient centrifugation process, which indicates that cooling crystallization is feasible to obtain granulated sugar. The implementation of an additional cooling reuse cycle at the end of the process represents a 10.2% increase in sucrose recovery in granulated sugar production.

BARBOSA, Douglas Dias; DERENZO, Silas. Avaliação de viabilidade técnica do reaproveitamento do mel residual do açúcar granulado via cristalização por resfriamento. Revista IPT Tecnologia e Inovação, v.5, n.17, p.45-62, ago., 2021.

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