Erosão hídrica na bacia hidrográfica do Rio do Peixe, São Paulo, Brasil (book chapter)


The Water Resources Management Unit of Rio do Peixe – UGRHI 21 (State Policy for Water Resources – Law 7663/91) of the State of São Paulo, Brazil, corresponds, almost entirely, the Rio do Peixe catchment area. It has an area of 10,769 km², which comprises 38 municipalities, and an estimated population of approximately 450 thousand inhabitants. The basin presents serious problems of the water resources management, most of them resulting from inefficient policies of poor land use and occupation management in rural and urban areas, lack of resources to improve drainage and sanitation conditions, difficulty in implementing soil conservation practices, among others. In general, the degradation situation, was identified in several previous studies, it is observed that water erosion and silting are among the serious problems that affect the Peixe Basin. One of its main consequences is the transport of sediments to the watercourses that, through their deposition, provoke the silting up of rivers, streams, streams, reservoirs of supply and hydroelectric, as well as compromising the quantity and quality of these waters. This work deals with a comprehensive general framework of the susceptibility to water erosion in the Rio do Peixe basin.

ALMEIDA FILHO, Gerson Salviano de; HELLMEISTER JÚNIOR, Zeno. Erosão hídrica na Bacia hidrográfica do Rio do Peixe, São Paulo, Brasil. In: MACHADO, Felipe Santana; MOURA, Aloysio Souza de. Educação, meio ambiente e território 3. Ponta Grossa: Atena, 2019. Cap.18, p. 187-197.

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