Use of Kanban tool applied in textile industry

The management is a key element for the success of industrial processes, and inventory management needs special focus for its wide influence in operating costs. This study aims to address the application of Kanban in a Brazilian company in the textile sector, dealing from the physical organization of inventories, addressing the shelves and boxes, through the elimination of obsolete or dead inventory through 5S programs, until the introduction of some concepts Lean Manufacture. It is concluded that the improvement in inventory management and leveling of production promoted a reduction in the cost of storage and movement. The balance generated by balancing production led to gains in efficiency in the production process. The reduction in stock levels eliminated the obsolescence of parts and components and reduced the number of hours of machine downtime, thus improving the quality indices of the final product.

ARAÚJO, Rondineli Aparecido Vieira de; MACHADO, Eduardo Luiz. Utilização da ferramenta Kanban na indústria têxtil. Revista IPT Tecnologia e Inovação, v.5, n.17, p.6-24,ago.., 2021.

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