Horizontal partitioning using hight density calcium silicate boards (book chapter)


Contemporary metropolises have Pesquisa Científica e Inovação Tecnológica nas Engenharias Capítulo 10 109 been emerging as dense human concentration and verticalization. The development of industry building and engineering technologies has made possible to build increasingly taller and complex skyscrapers. Historically, concerns about building fire safety have received due attention only after major tragedies; contributing to the increase of discussions and technical studies regarding the design and the behavior of materials and building systems under fire. Consequently also researches and standards were updated including laboratories and fire tests. The results appoint passive protection as one of the most effective solution to avoid fire, hot gases and smoke spread, which is threated as the main subject of this paper. The objective of this study is to present technological aspects of light vertical seals applying high density calcium silicate boards with the function of fire compartmentation for multi-store buildings. For this purpose technical bibliographies were consulted, international works and producers of calcium silicate boards, including interviews with fire safety specialists. The sealing system presented, due to its technological and performance characteristics, has the potential to achieve the fire resistance requirements of horizontal partitioning elements, however adaptations and tests will be necessary for Brazilian market adaptation of components.

CICONELLO, Lilian Cristina; OLIVEIRA, Luciana Alves de. Compartimentação horizontal utilizando placas de silicato de cálcio de alta densidade. In: TULIO, Franciele Braga Machado. (Org.) Pesquisa científica e inovação tecnológica nas engenharias. Ponta Grossa, Atena, 2019. Cap.10, p.108-120.

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