Using accelerometers in landslide flume experiments to detect pre-faulure signals


In São Paulo state 260 cities were mapped by several instruments such as the Municipal Risk Reduction Plan (PMRR), landslide inventory risk map, landslide risk evaluation map. The municipality of Arujá can be cited as a good example of good practice in landslide risk management. This paper present the results of the mapping carried out in the municipality in 2012 and 2016. In the PMRR made in 2012, 14 risk areas indicated were mapped. These areas were subdivided in risk sectors: nineteen with landslide risk, seven with river margin erosion and seven with flooding , making 33 sectors. Among the landslides risk sectors 02 were classified as very high risk, 05 as high risk, and 12 as monitoring sectors. In 2016, the mapping was updated, with data from 13 of these areas. We emphasize that the area called Beira Rio was eradicated by the city hall. In cooperation with the Housing and Urban Development Company – CDHU and the municipality, through the Morar Bem Program, 391 new houses were designed and built only for families in risk areas. Removing houses in the Beira Rio area eliminated the risk, as risk analysis is a relationship between the expected process typology and its probability or potential of occurrence versus the vulnerability of the elements at risk and the potential for damage. With the removal of the element at risk, in the case of houses and their residents, even if floods continue to occur, there will be no damage to these elements. From the 13 mapped areas, it can be observed that the actions taken by the municipality helped to reduce the degree of risk.From these observations, 21 risk sectors were mapped and classified into 16 landslide risk and 5 flood risk sectors. The landslide risk sectors were classified as 04 high risk and 12 as monitoring sectors. Through the actions of the municipality, the 02 sectors of very high risk were eliminated or had the degree of risk reduced due to structural interventions.


OTERO, Malena D’Elias; ABREU, Ana Elisa de; MACEDO, Eduardo Soares de; GUIMARÃES, Marcela Pereira Penha; CORSI, Alessandra Cristina. Using accelerometers in landslide flume experiments to detect pre-faulure signals. In: INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON LANDSLIDES, 13., 2021, Colombia. On-line. Proceedings on-line… 8p.

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