Pitometry as a validation tool for water flow measurement in large diameter pipelines


Accurate measurement of water flow rates in large diameter pipelines is a challenge for water companies that need to produce, transport and distribute increasing quantities of water. To a large extent, this challenge results from the impossibility of recalibration of the flow meters within the periodicity established in the metrological regulations since the removal of a large size flow meter from its site of operation in the field and its transport to a calibration laboratory is in most cases technically and economically impracticable. Because of this scenario, this paper presents the pitometry technique as an interesting alternative to solve problems related to the validation of water flow measurements performed by flow measurement systems installed in large diameter conduits. The technique is based on the determination of the water flow rate by mapping the velocity profile of the water flow inside the pipe by means of Cole type Pitot tubes. The water flow rate is determined in a cross section of the pipe located near and in series to the flowmeter to be evaluated. Based on the results obtained in a great number of water flow measurements already performed by applying the pitometry technique in large diameter pipelines in the field, it is possible to conclude that this methodology is perfectly applicable in the validation of the performance of flow meters installed in these conduits solving satisfactorily the issues related to its operation.

KAWAKITA, Kazuto; TAIRA, Nilson Massami; RUIZ, Valmir. Pitometry as a validation tool for water flow measurement in large diameter pipelines. Flow Measurement and Instrumentation, v.79, 10p., jun., 2021.

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