Development and tests on structures, equipment and components for oil exploration

Knowledge about the fatigue behavior of equipment used in offshore systems is very important for the deepwater oil exploration industry, not only to optimize the time-cost relationship of maintenance and operation but also to allow the forecast of possible faults, thus making it possible to modify the original project before its application at sea.

IPT has laboratory competencies to develop fatigue tests with the application of dynamic traction, flexural and vibration loads and static traction and compression loads for offshore systems (risers, umbilical pipelines, rigid tubing, flexible tubing, steel cables, polyester cables, hydraulic actuation springs, moorings, hooks, etc.) for deep-sea oil exploration. IPT also has servo-controlled actuators of up to 200 tf for application of static and dynamic loads and reaction panels to allow for the mounting of samples and test devices. Furthermore, it has experienced technical personnel, a laboratory structure and proper instrumentation for cyclic fatigue tests.

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