Evaluation and mitigation of noise generated by commercial or industrial establishments and traffic

All commercial or industrial establishments must evaluate the impact caused by noise generated by their activities in their close surroundings. Similarly, air, road and rail traffic are also important noise sources whose impact on neighboring communities must be evaluated.

These impacts can be studied by means of on-site measurements, evaluation of the building’s acoustic properties, and by computer simulations. Evaluations are performed according to regulatory documents such as NBR 10151, NBR 10152, Municipal Zoning Laws, CONAMA (National Environmental Council) resolutions and CETESB (São Paulo State Environmental Corporation) technical standards, among others.

Based on studies of the impact of noise from existing establishments, recommendations for noise mitigation can be prepared when necessary, involving acoustic barriers, enclosure, reduction of noise levels generated by machinery, layout changes, modifications of a building’s immediate surroundings, etc. For new establishments, studies can be prepared to estimate noise levels that will be generated and their impact on neighboring communities, offering recommendations for noise mitigation starting at the design stage.

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