The Mobile Units Project (PRUMO) is a support service designed mainly to offer small enterprises on-site evaluations of their production process, work with the businessperson to identify the main technological problems, and put into practice an array of adjustments and modifications to obtain immediate results. This service focuses on aspects such as product quality, increased productivity, and reductions in cost, scrap and waste, seeking to improve the competitiveness of these companies.

PRUMO’s staff uses Mobile Units, vehicles equipped with portable laboratory equipment specialized for each industry and operated by an engineer and an IPT technician. A series of tests and analyses of raw materials are performed and deficiencies in equipment, processes and tooling, or shortcomings in personnel training are detected. Based on the diagnosis, necessary changes are suggested and feasible solutions implemented, with immediate confirmation of the results. The service is conducted on the company’s premises for a period of up to two days.

Whenever possible, technological support for micro and small enterprises is covered by non-refundable grants of 80%, while the company covers 20% of the total value with its own funds.

PRUMO Rubber attempts to solve problems relating to weighing and mixing processes of raw materials, formulations, extrusion and vulcanization of rubber, high costs, low productivity, inferior quality of finished products and noncompliance with technical specifications, etc.

The main tests performed by the Mobile Unit are:
  • Preparation of standard test specimens, following national and international standards
  • Measurement of the dimensions of rubber artifacts and test specimens
  • Obtaining rheometric curves and cure characteristics of vulcanizable rubber compounds for definition, for example, of the optimum treatment time
  • Vulcanization of standard rubber sheets and preparation of treated test specimens that can be used for several types of tests
  • Determination of tensile strength, tear, etc.
  • Hardness measurements of rubber artifacts and test specimens
  • Verification of the abrasive wear behavior of rubber
  • Tests of rubber artifacts and test specimens for specific periods of time, at given high temperatures and in the absence of sunlight, to evaluate and determine their physical and chemical properties
  • Verification of the filler content in rubber artifacts and test specimens
  • Determination of mass and density

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