Technological support for the leather and footwear industry and PPE manufacturers

IPT is ready to provide on-demand technical consultation and support or develop specific projects to optimize manufacturing processes, industrial costs and price composition, develop layouts, the use of materials, and determine technical specifications, among others.

In new enterprises, the Institute can help with basic plant designs, dimensioning of production lines and machinery, layout, development of modeling, master production plans, etc.

IPT offers technological support for materials research and development; product concept; recommendations for improvements of raw materials, components, and finished products in the leather, footwear, leather goods, and PPE industries; evaluation of the behavior of joining dissimilar materials (mechanical, electrical, and thermal improvements), etc.

The support extends to effluent treatment projects and to the development of projects for reusing scrap materials from the leather-footwear production chain, such as leather dust, scraps of tannin- and chrome-tanned leather, and scraps of polymer and elastomer materials, among others.

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