Technological support for the implementation of public policies for water resources

IPT actively develops applied research to support strategic actions for management of water resources, mainly on the State level. We are represented on various Committees of River Basins and Technical Chambers and, as a Technical Agent, evaluate and follow up on projects financed by the State Fund for Water Resources (FEHIDRO).

Within the scope of management, IPT develops plans for the water resources of river basins, diagnosing the groups of water users (municipal, agricultural and industrial) and their requirements, and identifying actions and resources required for conservation, recovery and protection of water and the environment in the short, medium and long term.

The Institute is also active in methodological development, proposing environmental indicator systems applied to water resources, which show the state of waters in each basin and pinpoint the priority actions needed for their conservation. This work supports the state’s Integrated System for Management of Water Resources (SIGRH) (River Basin Committees composed of representatives of state organizations, municipal governments and civil society) and the decision makers in defining the necessary investments.

The proposed indicators also underpin the composition of Development and Environmental Protection Plans (PDPAs) complying with State Law No. 9.866/97, which refers to the protection and recovery of water sources and provides management instruments to ensure sustainable development of water source areas by means of specific laws. The purpose of the PDPAs is the integrated management of the river basin (unit of analysis) through the definition and implementation of environmental degradation control mechanisms for the protection of surface and underground water sources.

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