Technological support for territorial planning and management and guidelines for land use and occupa

Studies to establish territorial planning and management instruments for land use and occupation apply to regional or municipal contexts and even pointwise purposes such as engineering works. The work performed by IPT includes geotechnical and environmental charts, municipal master plans and housing planning studies. These studies propose goals and actions necessary for ordered territorial development, assist in decision making, enable problem forecasting and prevent environmental degradation.

Geotechnical and environmental charts demonstrate, in spatial format, the potential of land plots, mitigating possible environmental impacts caused by interventions necessary for their occupation. These charts are accompanied by a table describing the main characteristics of the geotechnical or geoenvironmental units, which are areas of individual occupation and thus require individual technical guidelines for the execution of environmental interventions, considering the physical, biotic (fauna and flora) and socioeconomic environments.

Master plans take into account geotechnical and socioeconomic factors and serve to stimulate municipal development, as well as control urban spread, providing guidelines for political, social, economic and administrative aspects that affect the life of the community and its integrated growth.

The purpose of housing planning studies is to provide adequate alignment between housing enterprises and environmental interests. These studies encompass aspects of social interest to the occupation of permanent preservation areas.

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