Development of biotechnological processes

IPT’s approach to biotechnology stands out for its ability to act in all the stages of development of a bioprocess, from the screening of different microorganisms or construction of recombining strains to the design of an industrial reactor to obtain bioproducts. The integration of microbiology and recombinant DNA technology with biochemical and product engineering is an important strategy.

The search for new processes that use low-cost renewable raw materials is an alternative for the development of products that are more competitive, environmentally correct, and may replace products obtained by conventional processes (e.g., in the petrochemical industry), and also meet different application requirements. Biotechnological processes are seen worldwide as an alternative to meet this demand.

Activities carried out by IPT:
  • Isolation and screening of microorganisms and cells, genetic improvement, construction of recombinant strains.
  • Development of culture mediums and investigation of parameters that influence the process.
  • Bioreactor tests for the production of experimental batches of recombinant proteins, biopharmaceuticals, monoclonal antibodies, vaccines, enzymes and biopolymers;
  • Proposition of mathematical models using generated or supplied data;
  • Search for ideal process conditions by experimental means or mathematical models.
  • Investigation of opportunities in the field of biotechnology.

Bioprospection, associated with development and optimization of bioprocesses, is an important tool for innovation. The selection of new microorganisms allied to the possibility of genetic modification using advanced recombinant DNA contributes significantly to increased productivity and industrial competitiveness.

IPT’s infrastructure includes CSTR bioreactors and instrumented air-lifts of various volumes (0.5 to 100 liters), which can be operated in discontinuous, discontinuous feed or continuous mode, and are equipped with analytical instruments (gas, liquid and ion chromatographs, spectrometers and gas analyzers) used for studying process parameters.

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