Development and evaluation of catalysts and adsorbents

In the chemical industry, the transformation reactor is usually at the core of the productive process in which important chemical phenomena take place, often based on catalysts.

IPT has been actively developing and evaluating catalysts (homogenous and heterogeneous) and adsorbents for over 20 years, and has developed, patented and transferred some of these materials to industry. In addition, IPT tests and selects catalysts for innovative or traditional processes. Some examples of work in this area are:
  • Preparation or chemical modifications of catalyst adsorbents and supports, including alumina, silica, zeolites and carbons (lamp black), etc. by inorganic and hydrothermal synthesis, carbon deposition, precipitation, coprecipitation and impregnation;
  • Preparation of precursors for mass catalysis (oxides), zeolitic precursors (molecular screens and similar) and supported metals;
  • Physicochemical characterization by specific area, porosity, X-ray diffraction, electron microscopy, etc.;
  • Evaluation of catalysts in laboratory reactors;
  • Evaluation of adsorption processes and calculation of rupture curve (breakthrough);
  • Studies on catalyst and adsorbent conformation and precursor calcination;
  • Conceptual design of productive units.

These projects are developed on a confidential basis and according to the client’s interest and needs.

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