Culture and preservation of microorganisms and animal cells

IPT is specialized in the culture of microorganisms of scientific, industrial and environmental interest. Microorganisms are preserved in lyophilized form, by ultra-freezing at -80°C and other alternative methods for specific strains.

The Institute has a collection containing a variety of microorganisms for control, monitoring and validation (sterilization tests, autoclave validation, etc.); microorganisms for industrial tests cited in the main International Standards (disinfectant tests, resistance to fungal attack, microbial activity, etc.); microorganisms isolated from Brazilian environments, originating from research, microorganisms from industrial processes, and contaminants from industrial processes.

These microorganisms can be distributed to interested parties in lyophilized or reactivated form. Their quality is ensured through authenticity, purity and viability tests that which are performed systematically at IPT. These cultures are shipped all over Brazil.

Biological material lots may be lyophilized at special request.

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