Consultancy in technical and market information, courses, and talks on leather, footwear, and PPE

The data available in IPT’s files and technical database, as well as in the databases of national and international codes, provide guidance on product properties and specifications and quality certifications for both the domestic and export markets.

The IPT’s collection comprises works specific to this industry, the vast majority of which are technical standards and other related materials, national and international journals, technical publications of numerous institutions, books, reference materials, theses and dissertations. This material is available for consultation by internal and external users, such as technical high school, college, post-graduate, masters and doctoral students, and the general public.

Courses, talks, and technical consultations are also offered for businesspersons and professionals in the leather, footwear and personal protective equipment industry, consumer companies and others, aiming to guide and improve process and product techniques, technical information, etc. The courses and talks currently available are planned according to the clients’ needs, such as specific laboratory training, technical traineeship in military logistics materials, etc.

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