Characterization and performance of leather and related products

The process of transforming animal hides into leather is called tanning and it involves several stages which yield products of varying characteristics, such as semi-processed leather, in the wet-blue state (tanned but not finished), re-tanned or semi-finished, and finished leather, i.e., the end product. Several procedures and chemical products are employed during the transformation process to attain the characteristics of final and intermediary products. These intermediary products are subsequently used to manufacture a variety of articles such as wallets, purses, belts, saddles, straps, holsters, etc.
IPT offers physicomechanical, chemical, thermal, and biological tests based on national and international standards to characterize and verify compliance with technical requirements both in the processing phase and for the final product and by-products.

The tests offered are:
  • Tests on hides during processing, wet-blue, semi-finished, finished, chrome-tanned, tannic tanned, vegetal, and sole leather, residual tanning bath, leather for footwear uppers, or for automotive, aeronautical, and nautical applications (seats, steering wheel covers, etc.).
  • Tests of products made of leather and other materials: purses, wallets, belts, saddles, sheaths, holsters, machine belts, leather covers, etc.
  • Dimension tests – verification of thickness, product dimensions, grammage, and weight of materials.

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