R&D&I, technological support and integrated solutions for fluids metrology

From the standpoint of process control, fluid flow measurements are essential to the operation of an industrial plant in every phase of fluids handling, including the production, processing and distribution of raw materials, end products and utilities. Fluid flow measurement is associated with mass balances in industrial processes, and from a commercial standpoint, it is linked directly to aspects of the purchase and sale of end products.

In a metering station or an industrial plant, the flow meter is the element that quantifies the transfer rate of a fluid and thus ensures the quality of a product and the safety of a process, and accurately determines the volume traded between the parties involved. Nevertheless, measuring equipment in industrial installations is often unsuitable for the proposed application, incorrectly operated or even improperly installed. This causes measurement errors that directly affect production processes, product quality, operational safety, and hence, the financial results of companies.

To solve these problems, IPT supplies technological support in fluid metrology for the production and service industries, gauge manufacturers, and the scientific and technological sector, making it one of the main providers of solutions related to fluid flow metering in Brazil.

IPT offers technical support in the specification, design, manufacture, calibration, installation and start-up of metering systems, and also develops the design and construction of calibration benches for liquids and gas meters. Moreover, it provides technical support for the implementation of quality management systems for laboratory services, following the requirements of the NBR ISO/IEC 17025: 2005 standard.

The Institute also adapts measurement systems to the applicable standards and regulations, and analyzes and issues technical reports relating to measuring problems and disputes, among other services.

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