Failure analysis of corrosion in metallic materials

Corrosion of a boiler tube
Corrosion of a boiler tube

Metallic materials in daily use are subject to failures due to the type of operation or stress to which they are subjected, or to the aggressiveness of the environment to which they are exposed. Corrosion is common in such environments, and if the necessary precautions are not taken, it may cause heavy material losses and even put human lives at risk.
Valves corrosion due to exposition to a very aggressive industrial atmosphere
Valves corrosion due to exposition to a very aggressive industrial atmosphere

IPT analyzes failures in metallic materials caused by corrosion, performing studies on steel elements, structures and components that have presented problems in different situations: buried, submerged in different mediums or exposed to aggressive atmospheric conditions. Based on tests, analyses and bibliographical research, it is possible to characterize the type of corrosion and its causes and recommend solutions to prevent or at least minimize the problem.

The structures and equipment commonly evaluated include pipelines for oil and derivates, water, gases and chemical products, tubing for sprinklers, heat exchangers, storage tanks, roofs and beams, as well as other structural elements. These can be made of different types of metals such as cast iron, carbon steel, stainless steels, copper, zinc and aluminum, among others.

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