Characterization of soil corrosiveness

When dealing with metallic structures or equipment that will be buried, such as pipelines and fuel tanks, it is essential to know the aggressiveness of the soil in order to specify adequate coatings and protective systems.

IPT has an experienced technical team and appropriate equipment to determine the corrosive effect of soil on carbon steel, having already performed this kind of work in many regions of Brazil. To this end, some measurements are taken in the field (resistivity, structure-soil electric potential, oxireduction potential and pH) and other measurements are performed in the laboratory on soil samples. Based on the results obtained, it is possible to quantify the aggressiveness of the site and specify the most suitable type of protection for the situation in question.

In addition to evaluating soil aggressiveness, corrosion rates can be determined by installing corrosion coupons, which are first weighed and then installed at the site for a certain period of time, after which they are removed and their mass loss determined. The service life of a buried metallic structure can be estimated based on these quantitative results.

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