Cathodic protection systems for structures, equipment and metal pipes

Cathodic protection systems are the most efficient way to protect buried or immersed structures against corrosion and are widely used in pipelines for transportation of water, gas and oil derivates, as well as in large steel structures. By means of current rectifiers, an electric current is applied to the metal structure to be protected, thus ensuring its integrity. In the absence of a cathodic protection system or in case of its malfunction, the entire buried or immersed structure is exposed to an aggressive environment and may undergo a strong corrosive process with catastrophic consequences.

IPT develops techniques for monitoring cathodic protection systems and external corrosion of pipelines. The Institute has an experienced technical team and wide range of specific equipment for simulating cathodic protection systems with external current interference, such as AC and DC sources, voltmeters, digital oscilloscopes, etc.

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