Geomining territorial ordering

One of the peculiarities of mining enterprises is their geographic rigidity, which is due to the location and availability of mineral resources.

This limitation makes it necessary to establish rules and procedures to harmonize land use and occupation with other economic activities that are also fundamental for the region’s socioeconomic development, such as agriculture, cattle-raising, dams and reservoirs, construction of road networks, urban expansion and reforestation, while also considering environmental conservation.

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The basis for an evaluation and definition of effective parameters for such rules and procedures consists of modeling the so-called Geomining Territorial Ordering, which may cover areas of various sizes depending on the needs and technical particularities involved.

IPT has its own methodology which is being applied systematically in several municipalities and regions of the state of São Paulo. Although it is mostly used by public authorities, this type of tool is strategic for planning actions in the private sector.

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