Studies on fibrous raw materials

Up to the mid-1850s, the main raw materials for manufacturing paper in the West were cotton or linen rags. The growing demand for paper, however, led to the emergence of new raw materials for papermaking and instigated the development of cellulose pulp production technology.

Today wood is the prime raw material for manufacturing paper. Vegetable raw materials are also now considered an abundant and renewable source of carbon for the production of bioenergy and of biomaterials.

IPT is experienced in the characterization of lignocellulosic raw materials and their chemical and mechanical processing to produce cellulose pulps for paper production. IPT is also equipped to effect chemical pretreatments of these materials with a view to other applications such as biorefining.
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IPT has experience in processing waste paper, from the first step of making cellulose pulp to the formation and characterization of paper sheets from this material.

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