Studies for the use of CDW, industrial and other residues in civil construction

Increasing environmental requirements have made it essential to reuse construction and demolition waste (CDW) or to dispose of it correctly when it is not immediately reusable. Other residues can also be used as construction materials. To this end, it is important to be familiar with legal and regulatory procedures, identify possible uses of industrial residues in cement matrices, develop available technologies for processing, modifying and selecting waste materials, and carry out performance and durability studies of cement matrices which include residual materials.

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To promote technological development in this field, IPT prepares flowcharts for processing CDW, carries out chemical, mineralogical and physicochemical tests and assists in the evaluation and choice of new technologies, in addition to monitoring processing on a pilot and industrial scale. The Institute offers consultancy in defining guidelines for the disposal of CDW in civil construction, as well as studies of concrete and other cement composites using residual materials.

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